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Summer Beauty Savers

I am always on the search for the perfect under eye concealer to go with that extra cup of coffee during these busy summer months! I need a product that will survive sweat and the elements, especially for hot outdoor CrossFit workouts (yes I wear makeup to the gym!) and so I have tried a ton of different products at all price points over the years.

These are two that I go back and forth between most often. For those of you in search of clean beauty products, Beautycounter is my go-to for quality products with safety at the forefront. And for those of you in the luxury beauty market, Cle de Peau is an awesome staple. And both survive a really hot and sweaty day at the gym or the beach!

Sale alert for both of these products today also! Beautycounter is offering free shipping and the Nordstrom has the Cle de Peau on sale! You can shop both of these directly through my Ilinks! I also swear by this Charlotte Tilbury Magic Corrector for underneath my eye concealer and use it literally every. single. day.


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