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Summer Beauty Bag Musts

I get asked all the time which products I find that hold up best under a sweaty workout .. because yes, I am THAT girl at the gym with make-up on!! I have a routine that I can apply in under five minutes, and I am just someone that always feels more motivated with a red lip and mascara.

The majority of my makeup is mid range in price point, but I love a grocery store mascara. It's one of the only products that I think you can get a great result spending $10 instead of designer.

Charlotte Tilbury, Beautycounter, Becca Cosmetics, and Nars occupy the vast majority of my summer beauty bag. These brands all make really high quality makeup that stays put well and can stand up to the summer sweat.

You can click the pic above for shoppable links to some of my must haves!! For fun makeup bag storage options, go check out PackedParty! Love all of their glittery + girly bags and accents to make the day a little more sparkly and fun!!

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