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Organization Made Simple & Chic

Is it just me, or is an organization system for accessories just about the best thing ever?! I have been using acrylic tray systems for both my makeup and my jewelry for years, and just recently added this bracelet and scrunchy holder to the display! It is the perfect option for all of my favorite summer stacks that I have been sharing over the last few weeks!!

The best part of the acrylic organizers is that they are SO easy to clean, plus you can mix and match sizes and shapes depending upon your spacing needs. I also find that they do a really nice job of showing off your pieces in a way that elevates them similarly to using glass holders, while being so much more affordable.

Here are some more great options linked! Plus my latest post which also shared ideas for creating the perfect summer stack with fun pops of colors and mixing various styles together!

Happy organizing babes! There is no better feeling than going in to a fresh week ready to tackle it with everything in it's place and beautifully displayed!!!


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