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Get the Mirror?

One of the perks of working in the activewear market is getting to try out lots of different workouts and studios! Today I was invited to come check out a demo of The Mirror which is a home gym / virtual training device that gets mounted to your wall and then has virtual trainers taking you through a ton of various workouts.

The technology is really cool, it's a very customizable system, and offers a lot of options in classes from barre and pilates to cardio and strength at varying levels of difficulty. They call it the nearly invisible gym, and I will say it is very low profile and chic. For those living in a city apartment or small footprint, it is definitely a design win.

If you are someone that can self motivate a workout at home, it is definitely worth looking into. We love our Peloton and use it almost daily so having an easy option to get a good sweat at home has never been more popular. Like any home fitness routine, though, you really have to be self disciplined and committed to use any device (no matter how cool it looks!)

This weekend you can order The Mirror and save $450 on it using codes FATHERSDAY21 and LU10422P so if it's been on your wishlist .. now is the time! Nothing beats the motivation you get from a good daily sweat!! And if you need some amazing activewear to help inspire you to feel awesome during your workouts, hit your girl up!!


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