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Creating the Perfect Summer Stack

Nothing says summer quite like fun neons and mixing patterns and textures to be sun and fun ready! Creating a simple summer stack for your wrist accessories is an easy way to add a pop of color and personality to even a basic, neutral wardrobe. Plus - I love how many of them are sweat ready for those of us that still like to accessorize our activewear outfits!

My top tip for creating the perfect stack is to find some simple mix and match options that can be worn interchangeably. I like to incorporate some solids and patterns, as well as some simple gold (or silver) bangles to break things up (or when going for a more sophisticated look).

I love love the gals over at Bowood Lane because their pieces are super high quality and offer infinite mix and match options. From brights to neutrals, as well as pre-created curated stacks .. they have you covered! Throw in a gold bangle or two from Lilly or Budha Girl and poof - perfect summer stack!

You can use code "BOSTONBELLEFIT15" to save on the Bowood Lane pieces! They are always bringing out new styles so definitely give them a follow over on insta and check out their ETSY shop to see all of the fab combos they have!

Happy Stacking! I can't wait to share more of the combinations that I am creating! And don't worry, if neons aren't your vibe, there are plenty of options for my neutral loving gals too! Also, pro tip - not all beaded and elastic bracelets are created equal. I have definitely found that investing in some higher quality/price point options also greatly increases the longevity of these pieces when you are slipping them on and off frequently.

And as always, don't forget to take a peek at the shop for some awesome options to keep you cute and comfortable while being active this summer! Tons of styling and favorites shared over on insta and in my style group on Facebook too!!


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